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"Knowledge is an antidote to fear"  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Selecting the right type of dialysis can be daunting process.


​For some it is an easy choice as one type of dialysis appeals to them very strongly. For others it is a difficult choice. We recommend to start this process early. Patients who seek information on dialysis modalities months and sometimes years ahead tend to be more satisfied with their decision in the long term. Their transition to dialysis is seamless and without unexpected complications.


Make sure you are informed about all dialysis options and dialysis centers in Bermuda before signing any consent forms and before starting dialysis.



- Recognize that you need to make a decision


​- Know that in Bermuda there are three dialysis options available:

​            * Home Dialysis (Peritoneal Dialysis)

​            * Incenter Hemodialysis at BHB

​            * Kidney Transplant


​- Find as much information as you can


​- Assess your lifestyle and priorities in relation to each type of dialysis


​- Remember, if you are on dialysis already, you can change your dialysis type. Talk to your Nephrologist or dialysis nurse about changing dialysis modality.




In most developed countries such as the US and UK the start of dialysis with PD is influenced by years of research of  patients health outcomes on different types of dialysis.


Peritoneal Dialysis First​ focuses on the benefits of PD as a starting modality for new patients. The benefits of starting on peritoneal dialysis at home are:

- Improved survival

- better quality of life

- preservation of remaining kidney function

​- reduction of morbidity

​- lower rates of infection

- lower healthcare cost

- flexible schedule

- increased one on one time with health care providers.

​- decreased exposure to hospital infections

​- better graft (new kidney) survival in transplant patients

​- improved dialysis and overall health educationd before starting dialysis.



​- Talk to your Nephrologist


​- Talk to dialysis nurse


​- Schedule a tour of the dialysis unit


​- Search the internet


​- Talk to other dialysis patient


​- Join support groups on Social Media




Are there any medical reasons preventing you from doing one type of dialysis?


​Is eating and drinking important to you? Will restrictive diet be too difficult for you to maintain?


​Do you like to be in control of your dialysis and how you feel?


​What are your life commitments? Do you work, have children or like to travel?


​How far do you live from a dialysis clinic? What are your means of transportation?


​Would you prefer to stay away from being poked by needles?


​Is there a cost difference between different types of dialysis?


​Do I like the staff in the dialysis clinic. Will they understand my individual needs?


​What are the clinic standards and quality of care outcomes